Unable to create connection/session using Oauth for amqps protocols

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Unable to create connection/session using Oauth for amqps protocols in java. is it possible ?


  • marc
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    Hi @cpjani ,

    Can you share some more information? What library are you using, what is the error you are getting?

    Did you enable oauth on the message vpn or messaging service?

    I believe it should be possible based on the docs

    Hope that helps!

  • cpjani
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    Hi @marc


    I am using qpid jms lib and able to create connection with User name and password but unable to create connection with OAuth.

    How can i set SSL Mechanism for it ?

  • mstobo
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    Hi @cpjani,

    Did you follow the documentation here to configure the broker for OAuth. AMQP is toward to bottom of that link. Are you connecting to a Solace Cloud (SaaS) instance, or a software broker? While this blog is not for AMQP, if you are using the software broker you can get the steps for configuring the broker here. It is largely the same for the SaaS, except you have to first enable OAuth on the "Event Broker Service Setting" page, as it is a system level setting where all the other config is VPN level.

  • Karl Ossoinig
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    Hello @cpjani - Just checking in to see if you are still experiencing issues connecting with AMQP protocol.

    In case you have not found it, here is a link to the overview on AMQP message management:

    This doc section includes links to all of the key configurations you will want to check as you work your issue. Please let us know if you are still unable to get your messages flowing!