PubSub+ Connector for MuleSoft Anypoint Platform v.1.2 is now available on the Anypoint Exchange

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Solace has released version 1.2 of the PubSub+ Connector for MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. This version has been certified by MuleSoft and made available on the Anypoint Exchange.

Solace PubSub+ Connector - Mule 4 (

This version is a recommended upgrade and can be upgraded in Anypoint Studio via regular module upgrade methods.

There are a number of new features included in this release and were based on feedback from many Solace customers.

  • Added a small batch, on demand, guaranteed message consumer in the "Guaranteed Endpoint Polling Listener". This new operation will allow you to schedule (via fixed schedule or cron expression) how often messages will be received and allow a batch size of how many messages per interval of up to 10 messages at a time. This operation lets you receive messages from a PubSub+ queue in a controlled/metered way vs. the "when the messages arrive in the queue" of the Guaranteed Endpoint Listener.
  • Added a Circuit Breaker capability to the Guaranteed Endpoint Listener and the new Guaranteed Endpoint Polling Listener. A circuit breaker allows for your Mule flow to respond to exceptions affecting your flow by "opening" the circuit and, thus, stopping the PubSub+ consumer operation from sending more messages to the flow. When a user-configured timeout expires, the flow will try to resume message flows and, if successful, the circuit is "closed" and message flow returns to normal. This functionality is very useful to allow a flow to pause while temporary issues are addressed (like maybe a downstream service is down) and then automatically start again once the issue has been addressed.

There are other, smaller, features and bug fixes in this release that can be seen in the Release Notes and the documentation site for the connector has been updated.

An important note on this release (from the release notes):

There is an existing issue when running Mule Runtime 4.4 or 4.3 with mule-maven-plugin version post version 3.5.4, resulting in an error message reading Cannot resolve the name 'mule:global-abstract-scheduling-strategy' to a(n) 'element declaration' component.... This has been reported to MuleSoft and has been acknowledged as an issue in the mule-maven-plugin. Solace is unable to work around this issue in Mule Runtime 4.4 and therefore this version cannot be used until MuleSoft has a fix. For version 4.3 of the Mule Runtime, you can downgrade the mule-maven-plugin to version 3.5.4 (or lower) and the Solace Connector v1.2 will work as expected.

A side-effect of the downgrade is that when you open up Anypoint Studio again to a project using the v1.2 connector, it will offer to "upgrade" the project. Unless you carefully read the dialog, you might accidentally upgrade the mule-maven-plugin to a version that has the issue above. You should NOT upgrade this plugin until MuleSoft addresses this issue in the plugin.

When the issue gets fixed is with MuleSoft development.

Have fun with the new release!