Scaling Lambda to read multiple messages from the solace queue

olavo Member Posts: 1

I have a Solace queue. whenever a message arrives to this queue, Solace notified a REST endpoint on AWS side using API gateway using RDP , so that a lambda at the backend can go ahead and read the message from the queue. This is all good.

If there are 10,000 messages, then there are 10K notification to the REST endpoint and hence 10K invocations of the lambda.

Can you suggest an easier way, like for example , send a notification for the first message only and then a single lambda to read and process all the messages in the solace queue. Each of the lambda finishes processing in about 10 secs. So, its more efficient to process all the messages using one lambda.

Let me know if any one else has faced a similar scenario and how did you solve it.

Many thanks