Interact with Solace PubSub+ Event Portal using Typescript

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The Solace PubSub+ Platform was built with developers and architects in mind. One of the visions we had for the platform is an API first strategy to enable integration and programatic interaction with the platform. This includes interactions with the Solace PubSub+ platform using APIs, cli tools, or libraries to be used in CI/CD processes or other use-cases. As a proof to achieve this vision we are continuously enhancing our API documentation strategy that is found on

We decided to take this a step further...

Meet the Solace Typescript tools

In an effort to empower developers with their usage, we have decided to create a repository of typescript based tools, libraries, and packages that could be used by the community to build tools on top of the Solace Platform. Currently, the repository includes the following tools:

  1. Auto-generated OpenAPI node clients:
    1. Solace Cloud
    2. PubSub+ Event Portal
    3. SEMPv2
  2. Event Portal wrappers:
    1. Event Portal SDK: helper library for additional functionalities
    2. Event Portal AsyncAPI: helper library for parsing AsyncAPI spec files
    3. AsyncAPI Importer: cli tool to import assets from an AsyncAPI spec to Event Portal

More details on these tools could be found in this github repository

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You can check out the documentation of these tools on


This is not a supported product by Solace. It is an open source repository authored by Solace employees to be used by the community. Feedback and contribution in the form of pull requests are welcomed.

Happy hacking!