Solace throwing HeuristicCompletionException when "Document Is Too Large"



When the document size is larger and if the transaction is about to be committed, below Heuristic exception is thrown.

Execution of JMS message listener failed. Caused by: [org.apache.camel.RuntimeCamelException - org.springframework.transaction.HeuristicCompletionException: Heuristic completion: outcome state is mixed; nested exception is org.springframework.transaction.UnexpectedRollbackException: JMS transaction rolled back; nested exception is javax.jms.TransactionRolledBackException: Error committing - transaction rolled back (Transaction commit failed: (TransactedSessionId:8**7, Name:af8e4439ac8a46e9b37c6c614070dc7c, CorrelationId:1**4, downgrade:false) (((Client name: ****************************************************Ge  Local addr: *.*.*.* Local port: 5***8  Remote addr: *************************om Remote port: 5***3) - ) com.solacesystems.jcsmp.JCSMPErrorResponseException: 400: Document Is Too Large))] 

Since it is Heuristic exception the application is not able to handle it.

Is there a configuration available in Solace to make it thrown an exception the moment a message is posted above the size threshold ?

Please suggest.

Thanks 🙂