Does Python have this Cache Session??

Chris Member Posts: 7

For C#,I can use SendCacheRequest to get a synchronous cache request.

But in Python I can't find any package allow request cache session?

can any one help me?

Thank you.


  • Aaron
    Aaron Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 541 admin

    Hi @Chris, thanks for the question and welcome to the Solace Community!

    According to this feature-per-API breakdown, the Python API doesn't support PubSub+ Cache requests yet.

    What is your use case? If you're a customer, you could submit an official feature request to our Support team.

    Also, just for clarification: I think the cache request in C# (and other classic APIs) is asynchronous, right? You make the cache request, and then asynchronously the message (or messageS if wildcarded) will start to show up on the callback.

  • Chris
    Chris Member Posts: 7

    Thank you so much.

    I alos found Cache Sessions (

    I got the answer already.

    Yes, I do use a asynchronous cache request in C#. Then the callback function will be called.