Solace Appliance Active-Active with Message persistence


Hi, we are working on a solution with Solace PubSub+ Appliance deployed in 2 Data Centers with Active-Active cluster, cloud Solace Software with Active-Passive across 2 AZs. Enable event-mesh solution with message persistence.

My query here is, can message persistence be achieved to store consumed messages for the duration of 1 month?


  • giri
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    Hi @Venkata Madhu - If I understand your query correctly, you would want the Broker to hold 1-month of data, I am assuming, for replay, correct? If yes, you can configure a replay option and a big enough spool for review and replay. But, do note that a replay feature serves a specific need - to replay the event as a stream on-demand, not to be viewed as an archive.

    I also want to highlight that Solace offers a queue-based Broker - facilitating a real-time pub/sub mechanism, unlike other log-based brokers.

    I also noticed that you had tagged Solace PubSub+ Cache. Can you elaborate on your query context, please?