Contribute to the community today to earn our 3 new badges

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To recognize those who contribute to the community, we have added 3 new badges:

Experience Share

Who can earn it?

Anybody who shares his or her developer experience with the other community members. This can be a tip and trick, a best practice, a project, or a comment about your own experience that helps the poster of a discussion to solve the issue.

Solace Scholar

Who can earn it?

A community member who has submitted his or her suggested blog post topic via the Solace Scholars Program and successfully got the blog post published by Solace. Check out the program to see what you can write about, what the process is, and how much you get paid.

The following are some of the blog posts by Solace Scholars Program submitters:

 Solly Superstar

Who can earn it?

A Solly Superstar. Read this blog post to learn who the Solly Superstars are, what the benefit of becoming a Solly Superstar is, and how to become a Solly Superstar.

Contribute today to earn these badges! I hope more and more of you will get these badges added to your profiles. Meanwhile, if you have any good suggestions about community engagement and recognition, feel free to let me know.