VPN Bridges and JMS request/response with direct messaging

I have problems configuring a VPN bridge such that a JMS direct request / response pattern works.
The reply-to topic is temporary so I would need wildcard logic such as t/reply/* subsriptions to have them routed over the bridge. Can someone point to a working example how to set this up?



  • TomF
    TomF Member, Employee Posts: 397 Solace Employee

    Hi @Harald Hengelbrock , is there a reason why you aren't using the default reply-to topic? This has the advantage of doing all this hardwork for you. The disadvantage is that the reply is unicast. Do you need the reply to be sent to multiple destinations?

  • FalkLademann
    FalkLademann Member Posts: 8

    I'm working on a requirement for JMS strict request/reply with temporary response queue, to be bridged over VPNs, therefore would be interested in the outcome of this as well.
    JMS javax.jms.Session as well as com.solacesystems.jms.SolSession would not allow to provide a queue name on createTemporaryQueue (unlike with C#, VB, C++, JCSMP, Java RTO). Therefore the destination always is with an automatically-generated name. Would that internal names be bridgeable per se?