How to connect on-prem non SAP event subscribers to Solace PubSub

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We are using Solace PubSub through SAP BTP Platform. We have got success in connecting to event subscriber application(SAAS) on public cloud. We are stuck while connecting to other on premise applications (hosted within company controlled network.) as event subscriber.

I would to understand how to connect to event subscribers(on-prem) from Solace advance event mesh licensed via SAP BTP. Basically I want to know the product recommendation for connecting to on-prem hosted non SAP applications from Solace cloud pub sub. It could be azure functions or webhooks or native JMS supported applications hosted within companies private network.


  • Karl Ossoinig
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    Hello @abhay2207 - I've been working with a team that I believe is at your company to enable these types of integrations. Please reach out to me via my email below - I can provide you with guidance for your hybrid cloud connectivity options.