python3 using qpid::proton with Solace pubsub+ broker

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Hello all,

In the european aviation community a well know provider of flight data has change its internal AMQP1.0 broker, switching from Apache ActiveMQ to Solace PubSub+.

A set of our application but very few in fact use Python3 and interrogate this AMQP broker.So we have too few experience in this matter. I use to maintain a library built above Apache qpid::proton which has work very well while we were accessing Apache ActiveMQ.

Reaching/requesting Solace PubSub+, i face some insidious error :

ERROR:proton:SMF AD open flow response error

(which seems linked to "credential") but i do not succeed to localize .

Has someone an experience in this matter ?

I saw that Solace provides also a Python binding . So, but before to give up with Apache:qpid , i throw a bottle in the digital ocean .

Many thanks .




  • Aaron
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    Hi there Didier / @coz787, welcome to the Community!

    Ok, so the Solace broker is complaining about something in the AMQP exchange, but not sure what. Solace QA used other QPid APIs to test our AMQP interoperability, so hopefully this is something that we can resolve.

    Is it possible for you to take a packet capture from your client-side? There are more details about the error emitted by the Solace broker, but these are not exposed in the QPid client. You'd be looking for an info map inside the error.

    It's been a while since I've used WireShark, but there's an AMQP display filter which should help! Keep us posted if you can get a packet capture.