unique topic subscription id ?

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Is there a unique subscription id generated when we do a subscribe request to a topic (similar to a cache request id) ?

Topic solaceTopic = JCSMPFactory.onlyInstance().createTopic("abc/topic");

If I can get or add a unique id for the subscription above which would be part of the received messages then I can do a performant routing of messages internally in our app.

I appreciate that it might not be possible but asking just incase.

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  • marc
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    Hi @alinaqvi,
    Can you share more about what problem you're trying to solve? There is no given unique id when you add a subscription, however each message has a destination property where you can see what topic it was published to.


  • alinaqvi
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    Hey marc,
    I am just trying to route messages(in our app internally) where I have subscribed to multiple topics within the same solace session. So basically trying to implement the missing 'topic dispatcher' functionality ourselves.
    For solcache topics I can use the cacheRequestId so I just wanted to know if its possible for normal topics.
    I guess not. Thanks for your quick reply.

  • TomF
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    @alinaqvi We have topic dispatch within some of our APIs: e.g. Our C and .Net APIs. It isn't support in the Java API , which appears to be the one you're using. As Marc says, you can interrogate and route messages based on the destination header property.