How-to view payloads (Solace-Boomi)

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It appears that you can't do this using the current web-based Solace Cloud interface. So, we're looking for a solution to view the payload of messages. Use case: copy/paste payloads from Solace queues into Boomi processes (manual unit test) to analyze production issues.



  • Aaron
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    I don't know much about Boomi, but if you want to view/browse message payloads in Solace queues, you need to use a queue browser. Most of the Solace APIs support this: and

    There are graphical interfaces as well... check out the Queue Browser in the open-source JMS Toolbox:

    And here's Marc's video where he demos it with Solace:

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    Hi @Aaron , thanks for your reply. JMS Toolbox should work from a functional point of view. However, I do see an issue.

    • We have our Boomi servers running in an AWS VPC: private subnets for the Boomi servers, public subnets for stepping stone to do maintenance through SSH.
    • The Boomi servers themselves are not directly accessible from the internet for security reasons. The only "directly" accessible components are Boomi API's. These are connected to an AWS application load balancer that forwards calls to the private subnets.
    • We want to install Solace Cloud brokers as close possible to the Boomi servers (latency!), so in the same private subnet or at least in the same VPC.

    So, how could JMS Toolbox work in a setup like this? Anyway, I think it would be great if we could view payloads using the SolaceCloud UI itself.