MFA for the Solace Cloud Console


Hey all,
I was wondering if MFA is enabled on the Solace Cloud Console and I could not locate it. I don't see it as an option. I was wondering what else secures a solace deployment's configuration and management access via the web. Accessing the router from a terminal is secure if configured properly, but the access to the configuration portal could be compromised if your username/password are compromised. Is there another way of securing access to the portal that I'm unaware of?



  • mdspielman
    mdspielman Member, Employee Posts: 1 Solace Employee

    Currently authentication to the Solace Cloud Console is by username and password only. We are working towards supporting integration with Azure ActiveDirectory in the near term as part of our roadmap to provide options for enterprise customers wishing to integrate with Azure AD for SSO and MFA. Beyond this support we are actively considering other integrations as well to provide further options for MFA.