Calling all Solace developers to build a COVID19 application

Tamimi Member, Administrator, Employee Posts: 491 admin

As some of you might know, #BuildForCovid19 has been going on for the past two weeks. The aim behind this initiative is it encourage developers and technical thinkers to contribute back to the overall public good with their skills during this pandemic. In the spirit of all this, we at Solace made available a broker to provide a stream of real-time COVID related data updates. We made this available on a github repo for public consumption on the different topics to develop event-driven applications that could be used to support COVID19 relief efforts.

If anyone is interested, or have an idea, to build an event-driven application leveraging the available topics feel free to ping us and checkout this repository. There is also a samples directory in that repo that we're constantly trying to add different samples in it. And if you have any ideas to publish different streams that would be fantastic!