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Connection pool size for outbound messages 

BhumikaBhumika Member Posts: 5

What would connection pool mean in solace mean ?Would it mean pooling the session,that is multiple sessions treated as one or something else?
And is Connection pool size configurable in solace-cloud?


  • TomFTomF Member, Employee Posts: 62 Solace Employee
    edited April 30

    Hi @Bhumika, there's no concept on the Solace broker of a connection pool. Each connection has a connection - that's it. However, various client APIs use the connection pooling concept. The one I come across most is JMS, because it's used by various integrations with things like ESBs and in our spring interfaces. There it's just a standard connection pool. There's a note in the documentation that says:
    "The connection pool for Solace JMS is set by the application, and can't be set by the event broker."

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