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Can't Connect with jmstoolbox

BH56BH56 Member Posts: 9

I'm trying to connect to a Solace queue with Jmstoolbox.
It appears that it requires a mgmt_url, which I don't think I have access to this from the solace queue that has been assigned to me. Is this required in order to be able to connect to a Solace Queue with jmstoolbox?



  • marcmarc Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 85 admin

    Hi @BH56,
    Unfortunately your hunch is correct. JMSToolBox requires two sets of credentials. One management user (it uses this for things such as querying the available endpoints) and a client-username which it uses for other things like to publish/consume messages.

    Hope that helps!

  • BH56BH56 Member Posts: 9

    So, unless my provider would give me access to the management url and credentials, I would not be able to utilize jmstoolbox? Do you know of any other client that could just consume from a queue with the user credential? Thanks so much for your help on this.

  • marcmarc Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 85 admin
    edited May 12

    Yes, unfortunately you'd need access to the management url/credentials. You can try to ask for read only permissions for a single message vpn and see if they'll give that to you.

    If not, then unfortunately there isn't another GUI queue browser that I'm aware of. The easiest option would likely be to use the sdkperf command line tool that you can grab on our downloads site. Some example commands here. It's actually a super useful tool and can do many things.

    Example to subscribe to queue "foo" -cip localhost:55555 -cu [email protected] -cp password -sql foo

    By default it will show avg number of messages received over the past 5 seconds, if you want to dump the messages add the -md flag and -q to quiet the averages.

  • BH56BH56 Member Posts: 9

    Thanks so much for the insight. I will see about access. If not, will take a look at using sdkperf tool and dump messages, so I can see some of the messages.

  • BH56BH56 Member Posts: 9

    Marc, I got most of the sdkperf working. I'm trying to put output to a file so I can review the source provides the data that we need. I'm using the -mdd to output the message to a file. I'm getting the following error "ERROR [com.solacesystems.pubsub.sdkperf.jcsmpcore.JcsmpWrappedMessage] Method getMessageAsBytes() not supported for this message type." Is there a way to convert or define the message type so the -mdd can output to a file? Thanks for all your help on this!!

  • marcmarc Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 85 admin

    Hey @BH56,
    I actually haven't used -mdd before with sdkperf (Something for me to checkout later :smiley: )
    To keep you moving along can you try adding -md -q to your sdkperf command instead and then you can pipe that to a file and see if it gives you what you need?


  • BH56BH56 Member Posts: 9
    edited May 13

    I am using the -md and piping output to a file. The -mdd doesn't appear to work with binary files or file types the queue must be using. The -md appears to output in both ascii or hex, with the actual message in a column, so hard to see the entire message more purely on it's own. My goal is to get a more consumable message for my discovery and not having to code it yet. Also, one more quick question. Is there a way to filter based on a User Property Map Key, so only filters off messages that match certain criteria?

  • TomFTomF Member, Employee Posts: 62 Solace Employee

    Hi @BH56, a quick answer to your question about filtering the message based on user properties: yes you can - see Selectors. We tend to discourage this if possible - it's an unbounded compute problem, and most selector functionality can be better dealt with by using topic filtering.
    Note that selectors work on the header fields - you mentioned property map.

  • BH56BH56 Member Posts: 9

    Am I able to do that through sdkperf? Just trying to validate the source via sdkperf for now.

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