Help making ai code generator

formula586 Member Posts: 1

I'm looking to make an ai code generator using a data set I have. Is pupsub+ event portal and async api something I can use to do that? I want the ai code generator to generate the code that goes on the left side of the website I know bayou is a code generator itself, but it doesn't use my dataset. Is their anyone who can help me?


  • marc
    marc Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 935 admin

    Hi @formula586,
    Right now the answer is maybe :smile:
    Can you share more information about the data and what you want the generated code to do with it? Display the data, make it available to others, enrich and transform it? This will give us more info to think about how we could help and maybe next steps would be to jump on a quick video chat or something to discuss further if it sounds like the answer is yes we can help!

    Keep in mind that the PubSub+ Platform and the AsyncAPI Initiative are focused on asynchronous, event-driven applications so I'm excited to hear what you have in mind.