Distributed Tracing: New features on Solace PubSub+ Cloud!

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Hey Community! đź‘‹

As you know, we have been releasing regular updates to our new DT feature. We're excited to announce that Distributed Tracing in PubSub+ Cloud can now export traces to PubSub+ Insights and other observability tools using OTLP/gRPC or OTLP/HTTP. This means customers can now export to solutions like DynaTrace, New Relic, Splunk SignalFx, Grafana, and others.

If you are a customer with PubSub+ Insights Advanced Monitoring subscriptions, you can also send trace data directly to PubSub+ Insights, which will be available for viewing and use in the Insights Datadog account, along with the other monitoring data. By doing so, you can get the added benefit of centralizing all data along with enjoying all the benefits of distributed tracing without needing to manage additional external APM tools.

What if you have your own external observability solutions? No problem! You can now use the generic OTLP exporter to receive traces which provides trace data in both gRPC and HTTP protocols. These widely supported protocols enable exporting of trace data to the other observability backends.

Are you using the new DT feature? What are your use-cases? What observability backend tools do you use? And will you be making use of this new supported feature on PubSub+ Cloud? Let me know in the comments section below!