How to use Oauth Using Solace PubSub+ Connector in Mulesoft

We have a requirement where we want to use OAuth using Solace PubSub+ connector but I don't see any option to use the same in the connector configuration. Any leads would be appreciated.


  • amackenzie
    amackenzie Member, Employee Posts: 259 Solace Employee

    Hello @tejchowsalkar ,

    The 1.2 version of the PubSub+ Connector for MuleSoft Anypoint does support the OAuth client authentication through passing of the necessary properties on the connection.

    You would pass them on the "JCSMP Properties" section.

    However, the current version of the connector (v1.2) does not support refreshing the token at runtime.

    We are currently working on a version that will fully support OAuth, including token refresh, for release in Q3CY2023, hopefully early in the quarter.