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I would like to understand a bit more on one of the settings Maximum Eliding Topics Per Client Connection. If I set this as 1 and subscribe to a hierarchy of a/b/c/> containing two topics a/b/c/d and a/b/c/e , will both my topics be tracked? Or will solace choose one of the topics randomly?

In short, is this property set on a subscription level or accounts for each topic in the subscription?


  • Aaron
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    Hi @aliahad , welcome to the Community!

    It's per-topic, not per-subscription. A single wildcard sub could match 1000s or millions of topics.

    You should be able to see some warning logs on the broker saying that your client has breached its eliding count limit.

    I think if you breach this number, the oldest topic that the broker is tracking for eliding is dropped, and the new one replaces it. I can't remember if the message belonging to this oldest topic is delivered right away, you could test that pretty easily with some large eliding delays.

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks Aaraon!

    I tried yesterday by setting maximum eliding topics to 1 while subscribing to 2 topics with eliding interval of 10s. However, both the messages I received were after a 10s interval. Since both topics have a constant stream of published messages every few milliseconds, I would expect the oldest one to be logged right away.

    That being said, is there anything on inbound message that would help me track which topic is dropped? PS: I'm using python