Solace PubSub + Mac M1 based Docker container is not working.

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Hi Community,

I am trying to run the arm based docker image for PubSub+ event broker and container is getting existed after running the container.

FYI - I have executed the docker compose image for - solace-pubsub-standard:100.0arm_proto.0.92

Following is the docker output for container.

Access: 2023-06-09 11:23:16.551221007 +0000
Modify: 2023-06-09 11:23:07.691221002 +0000
Change: 2023-06-09 11:23:08.084221002 +0000
 Birth: 2023-06-09 11:23:07.691221002 +0000
2023-06-09T11:23:17.587+00:00 <local0.warning> abbd4cd5f2df appuser[1]: /usr/sw            main.cpp:1005             (SOLDAEMON  - 0x00000000) main(0)@solacedaemon             WARN   Child terminated with failure status: command: '$SOLENV_ORIG_CURRENTLOAD_REALPATH/scripts/post -a -f /var/lib/solace/config/sol-platform-audit.json' PID: 221 status: 512 sigRxd: 0
2023-06-09T11:23:17.587+00:00 <local0.warning> abbd4cd5f2df appuser[1]: /usr/sw            main.cpp:752             (SOLDAEMON  - 0x00000000) main(0)@solacedaemon             WARN   Determining platform type: [ FAIL ]
2023-06-09T11:23:17.623+00:00 <> abbd4cd5f2df appuser[282]: unknownDir           vmr-solredswitch:11          (EXTERN_SCRIP - 0x00000000) unknownThread                 WARN   Running vmr-solredswitch
2023-06-09T11:23:17.626+00:00 <local0.warning> abbd4cd5f2df appuser[1]: /usr/sw            main.cpp:752             (SOLDAEMON  - 0x00000000) main(0)@solacedaemon             WARN   Monitoring SolOS processes: [ OK ]
2023-06-09T11:23:17.632+00:00 <local0.warning> abbd4cd5f2df appuser[1]: /usr/sw            Generated_commonReturnCodes.cpp:135  (BASE     - 0x00000000) main(0)@solacedaemon             WARN   Unknown exit value 1, defaulting it to 'fail'.
2023-06-09T11:23:17.632+00:00 <local0.warning> abbd4cd5f2df appuser[1]: /usr/sw            main.cpp:1092             (SOLDAEMON  - 0x00000000) main(0)@solacedaemon             WARN   Child terminated with failure status: command: 'pkill -P $PPID dataplane-linux' PID: 284 rc: fail status: 256 sigRxd: 0
2023-06-09T11:23:17.639+00:00 <local0.warning> abbd4cd5f2df appuser[1]: /usr/sw            main.cpp:3540             (SOLDAEMON  - 0x00000000) main(0)@solacedaemon             WARN   Syncing filesystem before shutdown ...
2023-06-09T11:23:17.644+00:00 <local0.warning> abbd4cd5f2df appuser[1]: /usr/sw            main.cpp:3545             (SOLDAEMON  - 0x00000000) main(0)@solacedaemon             WARN   Shutting down router
2023-06-09T11:23:17.644+00:00 <local0.err> abbd4cd5f2df appuser[1]: /usr/sw            main.cpp:3524             (SOLDAEMON  - 0x00000001) main(0)@solacedaemon             ERROR  ######## System shutdown complete (Version 100.0arm_proto.0.92) ########

Kindly let me know if there is any issue with Docker container image for PubSub+ event broker.

Thanks in advance


  • pkondrat
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    Hi @techrahul95, I'm not sure exactly what is going in your particular case but it looks like you are still using the early access version of PubSub+ for MAC M1. This has since been released as GA. You can pull PubSub+ Standard directly from Docker Hub now and get the latest version supporting M1. See the following getting started guide.

    Docker Desktop for Mac (

    Best Regards,