Solace Jav RTO Max Send Buff and Receive Buff

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I am using Java RTO and I am not really clear with Max Receive Buffer Size and Max Send Buffer Size.

Say if my Send Buffer size is 1024 bytes, does it mean Solace API waits and collates messages upto 1024 bytes and sends them together ? Similar question of the reveive Buffer Size.



  • Aaron
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    Hi @mprabhat_jha. See the docs here:

    But no, it is not waiting to fill up that buffer before sending. Your buffer can be quite large, but the API will send messages as they are published into the buffer.

    Why are trying to tweak these values? Are you running into performance issues with default values?

    And quick question: why are you using the Java RTO API? It's a JNI-wrapper C API. Typically, most Java users use either JCSMP or the new Java API. What's your use case?