Next Office Hours Livestream - June 27, 2023 - Integrated Kafka Bridge

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Time: 11 AM EDT/4 PM BST, June 27, 2023



Many of our customers use both Solace PubSub+ and Kafka as part of their data movement and integration solutions, often using Solace for real-time operational use cases, and Kafka for streaming analytics. As you can imagine, you can do much more when these two systems talk to each other -- funneling operational data into the analytics, and generating operational events from the results of those analyses.

This month's Solace Office Hours will be a look into the brand-new feature of the Integrated Kafka Bridge: a way for direct broker-to-broker communication between PubSub+ to Kafka. Solace Developer Advocate Aaron Lee will be joined by Solace Product Line Manager Rob Tomkins to talk in detail about this exciting new integration.

Come ask your questions live, or feel free to post them below beforehand.


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    Really looking forward to next week's Office Hours! @rtomkins has been overseeing the development of this awesome feature, and it's been in the works for QUITE some time. No more needing Kafka Connect and that whole ecosystem, just straight Solace Broker -> Kafka Broker, and back. Make sure to tune in, or post your questions here..! 👍🏼