Send Spans for Distributed Tracing are now available with Broker Release 10.4.1!

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Solace Community,

Now available: PubSub+ Event Broker release 10.4.1 - Solace's Long Term Support (LTS) release for 2023!

One of the big features in this jam-packed release is Distributed Tracing's Send Spans. Send spans, when coupled with receive spans, complete the end-to-end success path use case by enabling the observability of a successfully delivered event's entry, enqueuing, emission, and receipt of the consumer or downstream broker's response.

A send span will be generated every time an event has been transmitted from the broker to a consumer or downstream broker and a response has been received. The send span starts at the time the message is sent to the consumer and concludes upon receipt of the response and includes information about the transmitted event and the consumer's response (e.g. ACK/NACK).

Send spans will work with distributed tracing in either demo mode or with a new or existing distributed tracing product key. It relies on the use of v0.79.0+ of the OpenTelemetry Collector with the integrated Solace Receiver to relay PubSub+ send span messages to the observability vendor of your choice.


Observably grateful,

Rob Tomkins

Principal Core Product Manager, Solace

P.S. 10.4.1 with send spans is coming to PubSub+ Cloud soon!