Scheduled Backup of HA Software Event Broker

jfg1306 Member Posts: 12

Hi Dear Solace Community,

is there any way to schedule a automated HA backup every day like there is for the singlenode instances ? ( )

I thought about the naive way of just creating on all three nodes (primary,backup,monitor) the automated schedule process for a singlenode but the commands seem different for creating a backup on a singlenode and for creating a backup on a HA node.

On a singlenode you would run ( ):
solace> enable
solace# backup

On a HA setup you need to run on each node ( ):
solace-primary# copy current-config /configs/cfg_primary_AD_active
solace-backup# copy current-config /configs/cfg_backup_AD_inactive
solace-monitor# copy current-config /configs/cfg_monitor

The main difference being "backup" vs "copy current-config".
I am not sure if those commands result in the same backupfile in the end.

So my main question would be - does anyone here know of a way how to automate the backup creation on HA Brokers ?

Thanks in advance :-)