Can I make multiple topics in one topic endpoint?

Wonseog Member Posts: 1
I tried test this (1 endpoint, 2 topic) using 'try me' from two notebooks. But subscirbe to second topic I got ' Consumer could not bind to the topic endpoint: Max clients exceeded for durable topic endpoint' error. I increase 'Maximum Consumer Count' to 10, the result is same.
Is it not supported or any other configruation exists?


  • amackenzie
    amackenzie Member, Employee Posts: 260 Solace Employee

    Topic endpoints exist mainly to provide support for JMS durable topic subscriptions. Those are limited to a single subscription because the JMS API only supports a single subscription per topic.

    The alternative is to use queues. Queues accept multiple subscriptions and are always recommended over topic endpoints in all use cases that are not JMS durable topics.

    Solace best practices for persistent messages are to consume from a queue and publish to a topic. The topic can be added to 0-n queues as subscriptions and a queue can attract any number of topics.