Now Available: PubSub+ Connector for Tibco EMS v.1.0.0

amackenzie Member, Employee Posts: 260 Solace Employee

I am pleased to announce that a brand new Self-contained Connector is available to integrate data between Solace PubSub+ and Tibco Enterprise Messaging Service (EMS) .

This connector is another in the Self-contained Connector family which are each dedicated to a specific data service, but all share a common architecture providing enterprise features such as:

  • A local management server accessible over HTTP(s) and JMX exposing endpoints for:
    • Health check
    • Metrics monitoring
    • Log file access
    • Workflow adminstration (start & stop workflows)
  • A common set of configuration options for:
    • logging – log levels, log file size, archive and rollover rules, appenders to export to other log services
    • security setup for management endpoints – authentication and authorization to the endpoints, TLS for HTTPS endpoints
  • Various runtime deployment options:
    • Standalone
    • Active_Standby – for redundancy (you can have more than 1 standby instance)
    • Active_Active – for horizontal scaling (where the source of data will support multiple active consumers such as a non-exclusive queue in PubSub+)

More information, documentation, and product downloads can be found on the Connector Hub.