TIBCO EMS to Solace Migration

We are working to migrate from Tibco EMS to Solace. Current solutions is using EMS message priority. Does Solace support message priority?

Also, does Solace supports all the features that are available in EMS?

Any inputs pls.


Venkata Madhu



  • Thomas Manson
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    Hello Venkata,

    Message priority :

    Message priority is part of JMS Specification, and TIBCO BW/EMS use JMS API with a proprietary protocol.

    Solace support JMS and Message priority in particular. (no change in TIBCO BW, it will just work as is, using JMSPriority header)

    On Solace side, you need to enable the support of message priority on the queue where you want to use it : (click the show advanced settings, there's a lot of neat features there)

    General feedback :

    We migrated several TIBCO Customers and solace supports TIBCO EMS Explicit Acknowledgement.

    As a general rule, you mostly have little change to do on your BW code to move from EMS to Solace.

    There's only a few area where there's some change to make in BW

    BW Configuration :

    • download JMS API from solace.com/downloads (or products.solace.com)
    • put the JMS jars into tpcl/x.x/lib BW folder
    • JDNI Connection factory : com.solacesystems.jndi.SolJNDIInitialContextFactory
    • URL : smf://<solace ip>:<port>
    • Username : user@messageVPN

    If you use JDNI, you may want to ensure the JDNI is enabled on the broker

    Get the connection factory name or create some others :

    Create JMS JNDI Name to physical queue name mapping :

    Where you might need some changes

    On Request/Reply & SOAP/JMS Request Reply, in some version of BW, the default "reply to" is not a legal value according to JMS Specs, so you need to update the value

    Solace Professional Services

    We have several exTIBCO people at Solace (I'm one of them), and to ensure a proper migration you should consider involving Solace Professional Services :)