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I found that solace PubSub+ 1.6.0 support cache

But I follow this step to do cache request

I can not receive the cache message from direct_receiver.receive_async(MessageHandlerExample())
but I can use DirectMessageReceiver.add_subscription to get message(CacheStatus.LIVE).

and I also develope C# code it allowed call SendCacheRequest to receive cacehe message.

any one use python to call cache successlly?


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  • marc
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    Hi @Chris,

    We actually just added a sample in solace-samples-python to use PS+ Cache a few days ago. Can you take a look and see if this helps you out!

  • Chris
    Chris Member Posts: 7

    Hi Marc,

    I do try that but it still can't receive cache data.

    what detail settings should I check out?

    my python code flow is
    2.message_receiver = MessagingService.create_direct_message_receiver_builder().build()


    call cache request
    5.HowToUseCachedMessageSubscriptionRequests().create_subscription_request_to_receive_latest_message(message_receiver , "subexpress", "cache name", 3000)
    or create_subscription_request_to_receive_cached_and_live_messages,

    or create_cached_subscription_with_more_options,

    or create_subscription_to_receiver_only_cached_messages, another message_receiver.add_subscription

    is it correct?

  • marc
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