Introducing Solace & EDA Icons for Architecture Diagrams

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Hi Folks!

📣 I'm excited to share that we now have Solace & EDA Icons available for everyone in the Solace Community to use when creating architecture diagrams, specifically those built with the products of Solace PubSub+ Platform, including our event broker, event platform and wide range of APIs and connectors.

⭐️ Here are some examples!

⤵️ Download from the website:

Icons are available for:

  • Solace Logos and Products: Lots of event broker options, and logos for other products, with cards that can be used to provide details.
  • Messages: different kinds of messages, exchange patterns and queues.
  • Event Meshes: Icons and backgrounds for representing event meshes.
  • Integration: Solace messaging APIs and connectors, and supported open APIs and protocols.
  • Endpoints: Applications, computers and connected devices, vehicles and buildings.
  • Other Tech: Commercial and open source applications, clouds, containers, middleware, observability tools, etc.

✅ And you can download them for, Powerpoint or just .svg files you can use anywhere.

Let us know if you have any questions!