High disk usage

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There was no consumer connection to the Queue, resulting in an increase in the current spooled messages. My question is, will the increase in current spooled messages also result in a corresponding increase in disk read usage? Someone please confirm? I have attached a graph for more details.


  • uherbst
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    @hariharan, As long as no consumer binds to that queue and starts consuming, there will be no disk reads visible for that queue.

    Maybe I didn't fully understand your question: What is your concern ?

    Thank you


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    Actually, the 2nd screenshot is from vsphere server level. There was some performance issue on application end. After investigating with vsphere team, they provided the second screenshot stating that there was a spike. Then we looked our Solace broker and we found that at the same time current spool message was high. So, we are just investigating whether both the screenshots are related to each other or not.