Consume Solace message behind corporate proxy

Ishara Member Posts: 1

We are consuming messages from Solace via VPN connection without any issue. Now we need to consume from Solace behind our corporate proxy. I found there is no interface provided in SolConnectionFactory for this, and it is not taking proxy settings from our environment variables also. Is there any way to setup Solace with proxy?



  • Ragnar
    Ragnar Member, Employee Posts: 64 Solace Employee

    Hi Ishara,

    Connection through proxies is supported in but has not yet been added to java.nio despite the fact java.nio has been around since Java 1.7. Solace JMS uses java.nio and so there is no native proxy support.

    Solace is actively investigating this and we expect to release support for SOCKS5 and HTTPc proxies in 2024.