System User Management Account

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Can system user management of Solace Event Portal manage by OpenLDAP ? Is CLI user refers to system user management?

Based on , it talks about CLI user and File Transfer User. The event broker always first attempts to authenticate a CLI user using internal authentication. If user does not exist in the internal database, the event broker checks if either RADIUS or LDAP authentication is configured (one of the two can be configured for the event broker). If RADIUS or LDAP authentication is configured, the event broker then attempts to authenticate the user using one of those authentication types. 

Thus, I wonder whether the system user management account follows the same rule with CLI user.



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    HI @dreamoka,

    The GUI you are showing is PS+ Manager which is for configuring event brokers, if you are looking to provide access to Event Portal we provide SSO via OpenID which I believe should also work with OpenLDAP (not my area of expertise), but check this out and see if it provides what you need: