NLog reference in Solace.Messaging.Trace.Propagation

borisbucha Member Posts: 7

Hi, you are referencing directly NLog 5.2.0 in Solace.Messaging.Trace.Propagation .NET package and using its type Logger as a base type for SolLogger.

Any chance to remove NLog dependency and use ILogger instead?

Problem is that we cant link it because we use different version of NLog and in general it is good practice to not pull this kind of dependencies on specific logger into general purpose library.





  • marc
    marc Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 889 admin

    Hi @borisbucha,

    Hope you're doing well! Just a heads up that we saw this and are looking into it. Will get back to you soon!

  • borisbucha
    borisbucha Member Posts: 7

    awesome, thanks @marc

    Also, opensourcing these client libs would be great :)

    Not sure how realistic.

    We’d happy send PRs for small changes like these.