JMS Sliding Window acknowledgement

Sbelag Member Posts: 7

Hello, I've been optimizing my JMS consumer configuration by adjusting parameters like ReceiveADWindowSize, ReceiveAdAckThreshold, MaxMessagesPerTask, and the number of concurrent consumers. I've noticed that in the Solace consumer Dashboard page, there are corresponding properties reflecting the values set in the JMS consumer (Solace connection factory) configuration. For instance, if I set setReceiveADWindowSize(50), I see "Window Size (msg)" as 50 in the UI.

However, I've observed that, for some reason, the "Window Size (msg)" drops to 1 for each consumer in the UI (after consuming few msgs), leading to performance degradation. As a baseline, I'm using sdkperf to consume messages with the same number of concurrent consumers, and interestingly, I observe better performance in terms of the rate of messages consumed per second.( so I excluded any network or broker issue)

My question is: What are the recommended correlation values between the properties that I mentioned , considering that my consumer session is transacted? I'm trying to fine-tune these parameters for optimal performance.
Also is there any operational risks related to those properties that you may update me with
Thank you.