New Graphical Designer in Event Portal

joseph_lanoux Member, Employee Posts: 2 Solace Employee

Hi all,

📣 We are pleased to announce the availability of the new graphical designer in Event Portal. This feature is being delivered in phases, with this first phase providing a graphical view of the event driven architecture for each of your application domains.

⭐️ The graph displays the latest, non-retired version of each application and event in the application domain, and shows the intended pub/sub relationships between them, as well as the relationships with events and apps in other application domains. As you drag objects around in the graph to customize the view, if you have Editor level access or higher, the changes are automatically saved and can be viewed by other users who can access the app domain. You can also double-click on an application or event icon in the graph to view or edit the details of the object.

⭐️ Check out this video for a demo of this new feature and what we are planning to add to it next.

✅ Stay tuned for those upcoming enhancements!