SMF AD ack response error [condition = amqp:resource-limit-exceeded]

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I have seen this error in logs. Can someone explains me when this error occurs and how to prevent it in future? I checked the event log of the solace software broker and found out there are warning messages —

VPN_AD_MSG_SPOOL_QUOTA_EXCEED: test - Message VPN(1) test message spool quota (102400 KB) exceeded, messages discarded.

SYSTEM: SYSTEM_AD_MAX_MSG_CACHE_USAGE_EXCEEDED: — Guaranteed Message Cache Usage Limit (10) exceeded



  • yangsen
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    hi @dreamoka You may refer to this page for detailed information on the events:

  • Aaron
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    VPN_AD_MSG_SPOOL_QUOTA_EXCEED means that you have too many messages spread across your queues inside your VPN and you have hit your VPN's configured max spool quota. Either drain/consume some messages out of your queues, or increase your VPN's configured max spool quota.

    SYSTEM_AD_MAX_MSG_CACHE_USAGE_EXCEEDED is informational only, does not indicate message loss or anything, and applications can do nothing about it. If it occurs frequently however, then the broker administrators should contact Solace Support to troubleshoot further and see what tuning options are available.