Message Spool Ingress Discard

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May i know what is the cause for message spool ingress discards? How to prevent it? How to troubleshoot the issue?



  • dreamoka
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    I think i know the issue. I created a queue and add the topic to queue subscription. As a result, the number of message spool ingress discard did not increase.

    I guess it was because i am publish direct message to the broker with no topic subscription to any queue or client. As a result, the messages are discarded by the broker.

  • Aaron
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    Publishing messages as Direct shouldn't affect your message-spool stats? Unless promotion is occurring and something is wrong with a queue (e.g. over quota). If you do a show message-spool stats it should provide a breakdown of that top-line number:

    show message-spool stats
    ************** Ingress Spool Discard Statistics **************************
    Spooling Not Ready:                                            0
    Out Of Order Messages:                                         0
    Duplicate Messages:                                            0
    No Eligible Destinations:                                   4193
    Spool Over Quota:                                              0
    Queue/Topic-Endpoint Over Quota:                               0
    Replay-Log Over Quota:                                         0
    Max. Message Usage Exceeded:                                   0
    Max. Message Size Exceeded:                                    0
    Remote Router Spooling Not Supported:                          0
    Spool To ADB Fail:                                             0
    Spool To Disk Fail:                                            0
    Spool File Limit Exceeded:                                     0

    Or: show message-spool message-vpn <blah> stats