Solace Try-Me CLI (stm): A sleek command-line tool for messaging Solace PubSub+ Broker

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Thrilled to introduce a new command-line tool Solace Try-Me CLI, simply called stm that brings the robust messaging capabilities of the Solace PubSub+ broker right to your fingertips! stm designed specifically for interacting with Solace Broker! This standalone tool is perfect for anyone looking to dive into messaging concepts without the hassle of dependencies or having to write code. Whether you’re publishing, subscribing, or engaging in request-reply message exchanges, this tool offers a seamless experience to see messaging in action. We invite you to try it out and explore the capabilities of the tools firsthand.

Why a command-line tool? Its streamlined interface cuts through the clutter, providing direct and efficient interaction with systems, which is especially critical in development environments. stm ensures quick connectivity and fast execution whether you're working with broker deployed locally or on the cloud.

Experience the efficiency and simplicity of managing your messaging needs with the stm command-line tool, designed for ease and precision in a compact, powerful package.

A Pub-Sub in action:

A request-reply in action:

And the codebase is available on Git - documentation, examples and other forms of help can be found there.

You have the Source - Git Repo:

Where to Download:

NOTE: Download the latest version for your host OS


Solace Try-Me CLI (stm) TOOL - README:

stm PARAMETERS Documentation

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