SEMPv2 API : parameter in __private_monitor__ not in the public monitor

pruffieux Member Posts: 14 ✭✭

By checking the Solace console I found that the private_monitor__ contains a (query) parameter which is not present (or documented) in the url.

Exemple for queue listing filtered by owner:


I am wondering what does the parameter forceFullPage=true because if I use it with the /monitor/ (public) I see no difference (with true or false).



  • danbrown
    danbrown Member, Employee Posts: 5 Solace Employee

    I was not aware that it exists, but I found an internal chat about it.

    In SEMPv2 there is a paging mechanism. Sometimes, by design, SEMPv2 can return fewer entries than were requested. When that happens, you need to ask for the next page to get more.

    There seems to an internal feature called "force-full-page" to force delivery of all requested items in one page. This seems to be used by the PubSub+ Manager UI for some objects.

    So, probably you will only see an effect if you query a lot of objects in one go.

    The doc states that "applications should always be written to handle pagination".