New Access Levels for Event Portal Users to Use Runtime Event Manager

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Hi all,

📣 We are pleased to introduce new access levels for Event Portal Users to use Runtime Event Manager.

Previously, only Administrators and Event Portal Managers could access the Runtime Event Manager and its environment-focused features. Now, users with the Event Portal User role can be assigned the new EP Runtime Viewer and EP Runtime Editor access levels for environments.

Event Portal Users with EP Runtime Viewer access can:

  • open Runtime Event Manager
  • view the list of modeled event meshes and their related environments
  • view the modeled event mesh and environment details they have access to
  • view applications and shared events and schemas in the environments they have access to

Event Portal Users with EP Runtime Editor access can:

  • access and view the same information as EP Runtime Viewers
  • deploy applications to environments in Runtime Event Manager when they also have the associated Application Domain Editor or Manager role

At this point, the following features are still limited to Event Portal Managers and Administrators:

  • Runtime Discovery and Audit
  • Deployment of Kafka events to modeled event meshes

In addition, a new Runtime tab was added to the application details page in Designer to help you manage applications in your operational environments.

With these updates, you can now define environment access with the granularity required by your organization.

See the Event Portal User Access documentation for more information.

✅ Stay tuned for upcoming Event Portal new features and enhancements!