Number of Unacknowledged Messages

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Hello All,

I am trying to clean up the shutdown of my service, and delay it until all messages have been processed. I call the Stop() method on all of my IFlows, but I then want it to wait until the number of Unacknowledged messages drops to 0. I can see in the console the number of unacknowledged messages on the consumer, but is there a property or a way to get this on the IFlow itself?

I am using ClientAck and the .NET SolaceSystems.Solclient.Messaging SDK 10.24.0.




  • Emerson Chen
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    Just curious, why is it necessary to know that information? If you just want to ensure no messages is lost, you can simply disconnect from the broker because the broker will not delete any message until it acknowledged by the client. Otherwise, the messages will be held in the API layer in case you want to resume the message flow.