Round Robin configuration

johanbento Member Posts: 1


I have a question abount using Solace Python SDK to connect to a non-exclusive queue. The Solace PubSub+ is self hosted and there are two consumers connected to a non exclusive type queue. The consumer takes about 5 seconds to send an ack signal to the broker, during that time consumers displays different Delivery States:
- Deliver from Input Stream
- Deliver from Memory

Creating messages on a queue and not sending an answer created a scenario. Until the first consumer read and didn't consume all the messages into the queue, the other consumer remained silent on a deliver from input stream state.

Seeing videos about round robin into Youtube and searching through Solace Forums, I've found a way to set Maximum Delivered Unacknowledged Messages per Flow to 1, so that makes the second consumer active.

The application is built under Solace samples stored on Github, but switched to a non exclusive queue type.

Is there another way to make a round robin scenario to work using a callback or another configuration?

Thank you for your help.