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honghong Administrator Posts: 166 admin

version 10.5.1 maintenance release

Release Summary

  • Bugfix: Using the new binary mode of the 10.5.0 API (with SolClientFactory profile set to version10_5), calls to Message.setBinaryAttachment() may not work correctly if passed a Uint8Array rather than an ArrayBuffer. (SOL-38220)



  • honghong Administrator Posts: 166 admin

    version 10.5.0

    Here is a summary of what’s new in this release:


    • The internals of the Solace Javascript API have been reworked to use byteArrays rather than strings for binary data. This eliminates the need to convert strings back to byteArrays in client applications. The changes also yield moderate performance improvements in the API.


    • Since 10.4.0, the client API should reconnect consumer flows when the message-spool is shutdown and subsequently enabled. In the JS API it does not always recover. (SOL-30859)

    • After an administrative replay, the client API automatically reconnects the consumer to the broker and accepts the replayed messages. However a subsequent reload of the message broker may cause the client to fail. (SOL-32821)


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