What's happening when you have a VPN down due to "Cluster Subscription Sync Pending"


Have you ever experienced having your VPN down due to "Cluster Subscription Sync Pending"? If so, keep reading to find out what's going on with your DMR network and how you can get it back up and running.

The error

Cluster Subscription Sync Pending

Why it's happening

A VPN that is down due to "Cluster Subscription Sync Pending" is an operational state failure that occurs when a DMR node is waiting for subscription information from the different nodes in the DMR cluster after the node has been restarted. After a reboot/failover, it is unknown to a broker if any subscription information has been missed so the subscription sync process must complete for all configured nodes. This is intentional behaviour to avoid message loss.

How to fix it

The Cluster Subscription Sync process will not complete if the other configured DMR nodes are down or misconfigured. Once these nodes are removed or fixed, the VPN should come back up.