How to forward PubSub+ Event Broker services logs to a Syslog server

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You can now forward full PubSub+ Event Broker service log streams to a Syslog server for monitoring and analytics.

Here’s how to start using this feature:

  1. Select the service you want to forward logs from in the Messaging Services home screen within the Cloud Console.
  2. From the Service Status screen, use the top navigation to select Manage.
  3. From the Messaging Service Settings screen, select Advanced Options at the top right.
  4. On the Syslog Forwarding tab, click on Edit Settings.
  5. Select the types of logs you want to forward and the connectivity information for the destination server and click on the Activate Syslog Forwarding button.

That’s all there is to it. The logs will start forwarding to your Syslog server immediately.

You can read more about this feature in Docs.