How to use pre-defined queue name in Solace spring cloud stream


When I add consumer group in configuration, the queue name is always generated with destination name and group name. But our queue name is predefined. We do not need to append the group name. Please provide a way to use specific queue name without any group name. The code for generation of queue name is found below:

private static String getQueueName(String topicName, String groupName,
SolaceCommonProperties properties,
boolean isAnonymous, String anonGroupPostfix) {
String queueName;
if (isAnonymous) {
queueName = topicName + QUEUE_NAME_DELIM + JCSMPFactory.onlyInstance().createUniqueName(anonGroupPostfix);
} else {
queueName = topicName + QUEUE_NAME_DELIM + groupName;

return properties.getPrefix() + queueName;



  • marc
    marc Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employee Posts: 920 admin

    Thanks for the feedback @paramitakundu. I see a github issue was also recently opened for this. I'll make sure it gets discussed.

    Out of curiosity how are your queue names defined? Do they include info about the consuming app/group in the naming convention?

  • paramitakundu
    paramitakundu Member Posts: 5

    @Marc, No, the queue names does not include info about consuming app/group in the naming convention normally used. Our queue name is like MPP_SHIPMENT_INBOUND, where MPP is the consumer, message is shipment message.