MessageID versus JMSMessageID


In SolAdmin, I'm seeing that the MessageID that is generated for the new message I received is not the same as the JMSMessage ID. Are they supposed to be the same?

TextMessage txtMsg = jmsSession.createTextMessage();
messageID = txtMsg.getJMSMessageID();

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  • hong
    hong Guest Posts: 480 ✭✭✭✭✭

    The two are not the same. MessageID is shown in the endpoints tab of SolAdmin. It is internal to the Solace Message Broker. You can use it to do things such as deleting messages via the CLI or SEMP. Here is an example:

    solace(admin/message-spool)# delete-messages queue my_sample_queue message 123456789 to 123456790

    JMSMessageID is not displayed in SolAdmin.