New badge for Community contributors!

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As part of the growth of our community, I’m excited to announce the addition of our new Community Contributor badge. This badge is for members who take the next step in contributing to the Community. We all know it's easy to come to a community and read through the discussions or ask a question about something you're having trouble with. But we recognize that a community becomes so much more than a question and answer forum when members take the time and effort to share their experiences and expertise with others. This badge is designed for those members who take that leap and contribute to the community in various ways.

Specifically, it is for those members who:

  • Answer questions posed by other Community members
  • Create posts that share Tips & Tricks, Tutorials, feature a project, or share a use case and solution that get featured in the Community Highlights section
  • Write a blog post for the Solace Developer Blog
  • Speak at our community events such as the Lightning Talks or conferences and tradeshows
  • Engage actively and regularly with Solace on Twitter @SolaceDevs and on LinkedIn

Community members who earn this badge will have it displayed on their profile and will receive a Solly Swag Kit as recognition for their efforts. We hope and expect to award this badge to more community members each month.

So, what are you waiting for? Share your expertise in the community and earn this badge!